"I had an immediate improvement going through the program. My brain fog is gone!"


"After working with Jeff, we both have lost weight and are much healthier!"

                                ~Kim & Wade

"After the program I now have enough energy to keep up with my grandkids!."


"After working with Jeff I no longer have to take thyroid medicine at all!"


"I feel better than I have ever felt! Even after having cancer."


"Overall, I feel like a whole new person!"


"My life has completely changed!

I feel better than I've ever felt before."

                                ~Jerilyn & Janet

"My stomach is much better and I'm almost off all of my heart medication!"


"Now I can function through the day and get home and still have energy for my family"


"There are very little signs of my  Crohn's Disease now, so I am now down to 1 of 4 pills I used to take.  I am feeling great and looking forward to the years to come!"


"Jeff and this program has taught me so much about how to live my life, I now have the tools to live a healthy life!"


"I have had nerve pain with opening jars... now the pain in my wrists is gone"


"I've actually spent 45 years of my life dependent on inhalers for my asthma... I'm totally off of them so my asthma's gone"


"I've noticed a Really big difference, I've been sleeping through the night, have a ton more energy, much fewer mood swings and overall much greater sense of well being"


"When I started the program, literally on the first day I started to feel better"


"It has just really changed our lives!"


"I'm really glad I made the investment.  I would highly recommend it!"


"My Family and I are all participating and we're all seeing our health progress to a better place and we're very pleased we're doing this program and we're going to continue and I think this is going to be a whole lifestyle change for us"


"Really within the first month I could tell a difference, I wasn't having the gut problems I had before and even foods that irritated me before have not irritated me now"


"I have never been so inside of my body before, I am in my body, I know what it is saying when I listen to it, I know what to look for, I have the knowledge"


"We figured out certain things that were going on in my system and we've cleared a lot of that and I've lost weight and I've learned a lot'