Jeff Hunter, NP, IFMCP


Jeff Hunter is an Institute for Functional Medicine certified nurse practitioner who is passionate about helping people create lasting change in their lives. Combining over 20 years of traditional medical experience with functional and nutritional medicine, Jeff offers an advanced approach to healthcare.

Jeff has served in the United States Air Force as a Medical Officer, on the board of directors for the American Nurse Association at the state level, and as Vice President of the Southern Colorado Advanced Practice Nurse Association. With past experience as an Associate Professor at the Denver School of Nursing, Jeff puts strong emphasis on his education to maintain ongoing proficiency and as a vital part of his medical approach to patients.


What to Expect

Jeff accepts people as they are and is a knowledgeable advisor for educating patients about the best choices to help them reach their health goals. He is a careful listener in order to better understand the true concerns people have and offer individualized solutions to improve their well-being. Jeff focuses on nutritional and functional medicine guided by specialized labs to help people discover and treat the root causes contributing to their medical challenges.

Community Ties

Jeff and his family have been a part of the Colorado Springs community since 2003 and he is passionate about building a strong health-conscious community through the practice of functional medicine. 

Jeff and his family have been serving the Colorado Springs area since 2003. First by providing impeccable Primary care, training young and upcoming providers and speaking throughout the city. Now Jeff strives to bring Functional Medicine to Colorado Springs and those living in the surrounding areas looking for a way to get to the root cause of their health problems.

Anna Hunter

Anna Hunter is the Chief Operations Officer of Upstream bringing balance to the business side of things.

She is a full time home educator and also teaches a weekly high school homeschool class.  Anna loves to read and is a voracious learner. 

Anna has a Masters Degree in Education with a Bachelors in Math as well as experience in high-level marketing and management. 

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Caitlin Malone 
Health Coach

Erik Korop, MAT Specialist 

What Makes us Different? 

Upstream offers all-inclusive service packages with an intensive approach to treating various medical conditions.

We partner with you to help you live a healthier, longer life. This is the only way that we want to practice medicine.