Upstream Functional Medicine is a unique player in the wellness industry,

taking an innovative approach to providing

health and wellness services that will leave you

feeling stronger and healthier.


The approach incorporates:


  •  personal coaching based on targeted health testing

  • portal and texting access to coaching.

  •  seminars/classes on a wide variety of topics

  •  community building group activities

  •  access to complementary lifestyle resources


The program goal is to get to the root cause of chronic health issues and to enable an individual to take charge of their health throughout life. Take the the next step to make the lifestyle changes you have been wanting. Contact Upstream Functional Medicine today to see what we can offer you.

Your Health Matters.

Welcome to Upstream Functional Medicine


Jeff Hunter, NP

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Awakening a Health Ownership Revolution

Jeff's expertise allows him to bridge his thorough knowledge of traditional medicine with the

emerging field of functional medicine


With decades of experience in family practice,

urgent care, and inpatient hospital care

combined with extensive training through

The Institute of Functional Medicine, you can

be confident that you are in good hands

 Upstream Functional Medicine is equipping, empowering, and educating people to understand what their body needs to heal and grow stronger.

Upstream Functional Medicine Is Changing Lives

"When I first met with Jeff, I didn’t really have many acute complaints. I felt pretty healthy, but at age 40 I was thinking of my long-term health. I was seeing problems in my parents and older relatives that I wanted to avoid.


Working with Jeff was profoundly valuable for me. My energy and digestion have improved, and I learned a lot about fitness and diet that have made me healthier and more active.


There were things that I had been experiencing for many years, such as digestive problems and brain fog, that I thought were relatively normal. So I was very happy to see dramatic improvements in these areas as I worked with Jeff.


Upstream Functional Medicine has been incredibly valuable to me in terms of optimizing my health now, but the true value comes from the health problems that I won’t have in the future as a result of how Upstream Functional Medicine has helped me create a healthy diet and lifestyle.


I have learned how to address the causes of some of the chronic conditions I am vulnerable to, and I feel both healthy and empowered in my ability to manage my health. I feel a great deal of gratitude for Jeff and his team".

~Tim Doenges PhD 

Getting Started

Reserve a seat at Jeff’s “Stress, Hormones, and Health” Webinar to learn valuable information to help you reclaim and optimize your health. This is an opportunity to get to know Jeff and to understand more about Functional Medicine and Upstream Functional Medicine’s powerful model of providing care.

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